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Murder Party

Take part to an uncommon murder night…


The concept : A life-size role-play where the investigators are.. you !

This game consist in solving a criminal case, by embodying the protagonists of the story.


The scenario (customizable on request !) :

You come for dinner at the restaurant of the company “Toflex”, leader on the plastic coverages market. Unfortunately, a serious problem happened last night… Marie, the employee of the month, is found dead right on the middle of the main room of the restaurant… Last night, some coworkers came to have dinner together. There were 6 persons from the company including Marie, a very beautiful, ambitious and smiling young lady, loved to all appearances by everyone…

So this morning at the announcement of her death, everybody came to cry over her, and the gossips begun : She would have been seen with Ludo, the charming salesman, other ones think that it is Manon, the human resources director, who would have made sure that she disappears, by jealousy… As for Richard, the marketing manager, he seems very quiet since the beginning of the case…

The Director General is getting really bad and feels really ill at ease in this situation… Moreover, the next board meeting is fast approaching, and it will be clearly impossible to work in this atmosphere, and above all if the murderer is still within the company !!!


Unfortunately, the forensic scientists have many difficulties to find a tangible proof to find the murderer… So you are all asked to give them a hand, and you will have the power to question suspects and witnesses, to collect evidence and to conduct an on-site investigation… !


Proceeding of your Murder Party

  • Welcome of the group, dispatching teams
  • The Master of the game explains the scenario and the game
  • Each team gets an investigator notebook
  • Examination of the suspects, teams in rotation
  • Linking between the differents clues you obtained
  • Final resolution of the enigma
  • Award Ceremony !


  • Languages: Anglais Français
  • Duration: About 3 hours
  • Participants: From 15 to 200 persons
  • Period: All year long
  • Target: All audiences
  • Include: The animators/actors, all the elements necessary for the scenario (decoration, costumes, etc), A prize for the best team
  • Optionnal:

    Renting of the room, dinner buffet, accomodation.