Casino night

A mythical universe : Las vegas and its casino games


The concept : A luxury, relax and discovery night !

French Roulette, Black Jack, Texas Hold’hem Poker or Chuck-a-luck… Whether they are legendary or unknown for the general public, all our games have been created in one goal : to make you live an awesome night of discovery and sharing, all of this in a classy and convivial atmosphere !

After getting false money, all participants should go at their convenience try the different games. Beginners or experienced, all of you should gather around high quality game tables, to test this muted atmosphere, peculiar to the biggest and refinest casinos in the world.

Your goal ? To get a maximum of chips, by betting and bluffing, for the inflamed session of the blind auctions ! During this part of the game, the players should bet on prizes they do not know in advance, thanks to their winnings of the night !


Fun and laughter guaranteed for this ultra-dynamic and participative animation !


Your tables

  • French roulette
  • English roulette
  • Black Jack
  • Texas Hold’em poker
  • ‘La Boule” : The « Jeu de la Boule » is a derived game of the french roulette, but with numbers from 1 to 9 only.
  • 23 : This game is played only in a few number of casinos through the world. The goal is to guess the number the ball is going to land on.
  • Chuck a luck : Chuck-A-Luck is a lively game where three dice tumble in a spinning cage and you place wagers on how many dice will come up with your chosen number when the cage stops spinning. It probably originated in British Pubs many years ago and started without cages.
  • Roue de la fortune : Known variously as Money Wheel, Big 6 Wheel and Wheel of Fortune, this familiar game is based on a popular carnival attraction that has its roots in the days of chariot warfare.
  • Casino war : In the Casino war, the croupier is your ennemi… Your goal is to get a card of a superior value to him ! If your cards are equals, the battle will defining the winner !
  • Magic


Schedule of your corporate evening

  • Welcome of the group, presentation of your evening
  • Delivery of casino cups
  • Free rotation on the different tables
  • Blind auctions, with the chips won during the games


  • Languages: Anglais Français
  • Duration: Advised : 2.30 hour
  • Participants: Illimited
  • Period: All year along
  • Target: All audiences
  • Include: The croupeirs, different tables, accessories, prizes for the blind auctions
  • Optionnal:

    DJ animation
    Sound system
    Customization of the cups of chips
    Renting of the room
    Themed night : Gastby, Black and white, Bond...