The amazing race

The Amazing race

The famous race against time for your team building !


Le Concept : A very dynamic activity, a race against time in the city of your choice !

It’s up to you to be efficient enough to reach all the steps dispatched in the city, or in the nature. For this themed team building, you won’t run 10.000 miles during 30 days… One more reason to give everything you have !

The group will be dispatched into teams of 5 to 8 persons. During each step, the participants will have one goal : to resolve the enigmas, or to find beacons to reach the next leg. During some checkpoints, you will have a chance to win more points and advantages thanks to events directly inspired by the famous tv show.

The ultimate goal of all team is to reach the final point ! (the restaurant you’re going to have diner in, or for a final test all together directly in the city)

Depending of the city, you will use various modes of transportation : by foot, bike, scooter, cable car, funicular, boats……


Conduct of your activity

  • Briefing and dispatching of the teams
  • Start of all teams towards the first leg
  • Tests on each checkpoint
  • Arrival : Final test all teams together and award ceremony
  • Languages: Anglais Français
  • Duration: From 1 to 2.30 hours
  • Participants: From 10 to 200 people - depending on the city chosen
  • Period: All year long
  • Target: All audiences - Activity quite sporting
  • Price: From 65€/person
  • Dressing code: Sportswear
  • Include: Staff, creation of the customized game, necessary equipment for the game, awards.
  • Optionnal:

    Customized t-shirts