X-mas party

Blind Test

During this Blind test, be the quickest to guess the singer and the title of the song! Rewards for the best players !

  • Duration:3 sessions of 30mn each
  • Price: From 1200 €
  • Participants : From 10 to 200 people

Brazil Night

SAMMBAAA ! A caliente and staggering cocktail during this Brazil Night ! Everything will be set up to make you travel to Brasilia !

  • Duration:About 4h
  • Price: From 4500€
  • Participants : From 20 to 500 persons

Casino night

Immerse yourself into the magical universe of Las Vegas during your Casino night ! A very participative, convivial and prestigious time !

  • Duration:Advised : 2.30 hour
  • Participants : Illimited

Live DJ

Let yourself be enchanted by his charisma, let off steam on his fast paces ! A crazy atmosphere all night long with your Live DJ !

  • Duration:At your convenience
  • Participants : From 15 persons

Murder Party

Become an investigator for a night time, put yourself into Jane Marple's or Patrick Jane's shoes to complete the investigation !

  • Duration:About 3 hours
  • Participants : From 15 to 200 persons

Quiz night

You wish to share with your co-workers a convivial night, during which each one one them can participate ? The quiz night is perfect for you !

  • Duration:Recommended duration : About 1.30 hours (several sessions of game from 30 to 45 minutes)
  • Price: 1250 € - Adaptable price as the case may be
  • Participants : From 15 to 300 persons

Roaring Twenties night

Experience the crazy atmosphere of the Roaring or Golden Twenties, put yourselves if the Great Gatsby’s shoes... A crazy immersion in the twenties way of living !

  • Duration:Evening
  • Price: 3000 € - Adaptable price as the case may be
  • Participants : From 30 to 300 persons

Super-Hero Party

If you were a super-hero, if you could have just one super-power, which one would it be...? It’s time for you to live your dream and to become the super-hero inside you !

  • Duration:Evening
  • Price: 2500 € - Adaptable price as the case may be
  • Participants : From 20 to 200 persons

Tropical night

Qué Calor ! Both in summer and winter months, get out your best flip-flops and let yourself go with the hot atmosphere of this Tropical night !

  • Duration:About 3h
  • Participants : From 20 to 200 people