Blind Test

Du fun, du rire, du dynamisme !

An entertainment before, during or after your dinner! We can do it in its integrality during the aperitive (or after the dinner) or intermittently during your dinner.

This fun musical entertainment, by teams or individually, will bring a great success for your company party !

The DJ selects and plays the tunes, the presenter counts the points and determines the rankings.

To win points, you must be the first team to find the singer or the title of the song and buzz before the others !

The musical playlist is very varied and made for everyone’s tastes. Whatever the audience is, we have all the music for a wonderful night: from the 60’s to nowadays, hits, standards, movie soundtracks, TV shows, etc.

For an entire evening of entertainment, we can combine this blind test with a quiz to make it more fun and dynamic !


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